Destroy the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone book by Phil Janecic of Mind of Steel

Proven 2-step process for getting out of your own way

Destroy the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone book by Phil Janecic of Mind of Steel

So, you’ve decided to change but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry, I got you. I created a free ebook called Destroy the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone. It teaches you how to plant C4 on your comfort zone and blow it the fuck up.

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Feel like improving yourself, but don't know where to start?

Making big changes in your life is not easy. But the process is very simple: start, keep improving, and don’t stop.

Everybody “knows” this. But implementing this advice is where most of us get stuck. How? How do you “start”? What’s the first step? What’s the second? 

And then a million more questions. You start overanalyzing everything to the point you feel anxious about making big changes… and then you quit.

This ebook is going to teach you how to avoid this problem.

What's inside? Does it worK?

This ebook is the foundation of how to make real, lasting changes.

And that’s not just me making wild claims. The methods inside are based on extensive scientific research and have been proven to work.

What I did was take the methods that work and transformed them into simple, actionable ways you can use them in your own life.

Phil Janecic, founder of the Mind of Steel

Wait, who are you again?

Hi. I’m Phil Janecic, the guy behind Mind of Steel. 

In 2014, I started sharing ideas about building mental strength, becoming disciplined and improving your social skills.

My writing was harsh and honest because I thought nobody would actually read it. It turned out that my brutally honest way of approaching important subjects was something a lot of people needed to hear.

Starting is hard. I made it easy.

Are you overanalyzing things again? Drop your info and get started.

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