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Mind of Steel believes in real changes over of superficial tactics.

Social Gladiator: Break Your Insecurities to Thrive in Social Situations book cover


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The Social Gladiator: Break Your Insecurities to Thrive in Social Situations

Unlike other books, that focus on tricks and gimmicks, The Social Gladiator teaches you how to overcome the root of your issues to build real confidence and self-assurance.

essential reading

Mind of Steel Handbook: The Essential Rules of Mental Strength

The ultimate guide for developing and maintaining mental strength. It outlines 12 rules you need to follow for making better choices in life.


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finally solving your deepest issues

This new series of books will focus on improving  the most important aspects of your personality.

New mindset guides teach you how to:

  • Take control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Learn how to become more social
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Understand and overcome your anxiety

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customer testimonials

Mind of Steel helped me become tougher while staying a “nice guy”. I never asserted myself, so people often took advantage of me. Now, I am still a nice guy, but stand up for myself, enforce my boundaries, and I am not afraid to speak up. These books helped me thrive as an athlete (gold medals in national and international tournaments). 

Marko Vracan, 2x National Table Tennis Gold Medalist

I had no idea I would get tips and methods I would keep coming back to Phil is all about the “let’s get real” approach. His methods force you to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own life — no matter how painful or embarrassing that may be. It’s the perfect combination of scientifically proven facts, personal experience, and pure common sense in contrast with other gibberish you find online about similar topics

Adrijana Dimec, Blogger and Mom

Phil’s approach can you help you conquer anything. Develop a Mind of Steel in particular covers all areas of life and tells you how to dominate each of them. No BS, no dancing around the point, just honest and direct advice that really works. Most importantly, Phil is always available when you need help, you can see the guy cares a lot.

harrison jones testimonial
Harrison Jones, University student

These books are not fluff, they’re harsh and direct. Phil gives you a kick in the gut, but a kick in the gut that you need. Mind of Steel method is harsh but extremely effective. It will destroy your notions about yourself and the world, but will also replace them with much better things and make you stronger. The process will make you uncomfortable and terrified, but it will definitely be worth it.

Butrim Gjonbalaj, Civil Engineer
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