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Mind of Steel teaches you how to develop and maintain a strong mindset. In other words:

  • Take control of your life
  • Deal with pain, failure, and hardships
  • Become confident and disciplined
  • Control your emotions and thoughts


Mind of Steel is a combines concepts from a variety of fields, including psychology, behavioral science, philosophy and sociology.

However, it is not meant to be an academic research or a scientific manual.

While mostly everything is rooted in science, it highly emphasizes personal experiences, case studies, and common sense. It’s supposed to be helpful and easy to understand.

In the end, that’s the problem I had in the beginning.

Oh, wait…. I forgot to introduce myself…

My Story

Hey 👋 I'm Phil Janecic

When I turned 18, I got fed up with being this shy, overly introverted, and extremely anxious guy who was not happy with his own personality.

My confidence was almost non-existent and the information I found around the web was generic:  temporary motivation instead of lasting solutions.

So I decided to figure things out myself.

I spent about a year trying to change different aspects of myself… but the changes were never permanent.

So I tried a different approach.

I focused on understanding my thoughts, emotions, and issues first — then determining the best way to change them for the better.

Using this process for several years, I was a changed person. Not perfect, but drastically changed.

About mind of steel

Fast-forward several years, over 100.000 words, few books and here we are

After years of personal improvement, learning about science behind our minds, and helping other people get stronger, I started this website.

In 2014, I launched Mind of Steel to help other people on the same journey I needed help with.

This started with articles on mindset change, socializing, relationships, productivity, discipline, and anxiety.

I expanded it with detailed guides, free training, and a year-long challenge.

HOW To Get started

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Otherwise, feel free to browse around the site and see what catches your interest.

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