Being Social Doesn't Have to Be Scary

Can you imagine feeling relaxed and comfortable in social situations?

I couldn’t. I’d “freeze” around people. I was clueless about social rules and often misunderstood. People betrayed my trust, disrespected me, and treated me like a doormat.

The Social Gladiator helps you overcome these same issues.

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See this weird-looking guy?

Yeah, this guy in the white shirt who looks like a hobo about to ask you for some crack money. Take a good look at him.

That was me in high school.

I was obsessed with becoming liked, respected, and accepted by people around me. Instead, I was that weird guy who would draw cartoons in the back of the class, talk about things nobody cared about, and look creepy in social gatherings.

As you can guess, being this person wasn't really fun

Don’t believe me? Look at this photo. 

I didn’t even know how to play the guitar. I was thought it would make me look cool and impress people when I post it on Facebook.

The worst part is that I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Here I was, just as “normal” as everybody else, yet I had so much trouble talking to people without feeling like I’m diffusing a bomb.

I had no self-esteem, no confidence, and worst of all… no idea how to improve myself. I’m guessing you can relate to this, right?

So i did the same thing as you...

I went on Google and typed in stuff like “how to become popular” and “how to improve my social skills.

This led me to a lot of bad advice.

From self-help “gurus” to pickup artists, everybody claimed to have “the magic formula” or “the golden technique”.

I tried everything I could. Some things worked, most didn’t. After almost two years of constant effort, I was pretty much the same person. Insecure. Unsocial. Unhappy.

But that was only the beginning of my problems...

Most people around me just seemed to “get it”. They knew how to behave in social groups and say the right things.

I didn’t. And this made me frustrated and anxious. I mean, I felt like there was something wrong with me. This stuff isn’t supposed to be so complicated. And I’m a pretty smart guy. Why can’t I figure it out?!

Instead, my mind was filled with thoughts like…

"Wow, being social is actually fun!"

I honestly never believed I would ever be able to say these words, let alone truly believe them. But these days, I can’t imagine socializing being a source of stress for me. In fact, it’s a source of great pleasure.

Drinks with friends in Zagreb
How I Met Your Mother pub in New York
Dinner with new roommates in Bali

Still a nice guy, only badass

Can you believe that this is me? The same weird-looking creepy guy from the beginning?

When people see my photos from high school, most of them can’t believe how different I used to be. When I tell them I was awkward, shy and insecure, they literally think I’m lying.

My personality is so different that people can’t imagine there was ever a time where I wasn’t a social and outgoing person.

I mean, look at this guy

Believe it or not, I wasn’t posing for this photo.

It looks like I was because I look confident in myself. You can see I’m. comfortable in my own skin and that power is visible even on a random, casually-taken photograph.

You cant tell by my body language, posture, look, and the way I dress that I have completely transformed.

Imagine if you could...

Phil Janecic, founder of the Mind of Steel

Wait, who are you again?

Hi. I’m Phil Janecic, the guy behind Mind of Steel. 

In 2014, I started sharing ideas about building mental strength, becoming disciplined and improving your social skills.

My writing was harsh and honest because I thought nobody would actually read it. It turned out that my brutally honest way of approaching important subjects was something a lot of people needed to hear.

Become a social gladiator

Deal with your insecurities and build real social skills

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Become someone you want to be.

This is a unique book on socializing that teaches you how to understand and overcome your issues instead of just masking them with fake confidence tricks.

The Social Gladiator is a combination of:

  • Research about self-esteem, confidence and insecurity
  • Research about socializing and social skills
  • Years of personal experience and coaching others
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This is what you will learn

Here is a quick overview of some of the topics The Social Gladiator covers.

Overcome Social Anxiety

Understand what's causing it and how to make it almost non-existent.

Build your self-esteem

Develop a more positive self-image and deal with your insecurities.

Feel more confident

What's confidence? How does it work? How to increase it?

Improve communication skills

Learn to present your thoughts in a better, clearer way.

Meet new people

Where do you meet people? How to choose your approach? What to do next?

Learn who to trust

How to tell when you should trust someone and when someone is just using you.

Leave a better first impression

Find out what makes people like you and how to present yourself in a better way.

+ many, many more things...

Take a sneak peek inside...

Check out everything inside the social gladiator

The Social Gladiator: Complete book

This 274-page PDF book is the combination of years of research and experience. It teaches you how to understand your cognitive biases, overcome your insecurities and improve your social skills. You can view it on any device or print it out.

  • PDF Book: Optimized 274-page PDF you can print out or view on almost any digital device.
  • EPUB Book: Standard ebook format that can be viewed on most devices (phone, tablet, computer, e-readers).
  • KINDLE Book: MOBI format is optimized for Kindle devices.

Exercises and tools

These tools and exercises allow you to track your progress along with the book, apply the advice to your own life, and do the exercises that come assigned with some chapters.

  • PDF Workbook:  Optimized 39-page PDF you can print out or view on almost any digital device.
  • Trello template: Trello is a popular app that allows you to visually view your content. 
  • Notion template: Notion is a popular and versatile note-taking app.

40+ Questions and answers

Since starting Mind of Steel in 2014, I’ve received thousands of questions about dealing with specific social situations.

I’ve combined all of the best questions I’ve received via email and social media and gathered my advice and detailed advice in this add-on booklet. These questions and answers teach you how to apply advice from The Social Gladiator to everyday situations and how to deal with common problems.

Most of this advice has never shared anywhere else online.

  • PDF Booklet:  Optimized 75-page PDF you can print out or view on almost any digital device. It contains all questions and answers.
  • New questions will be added over time

5 hours of exclusive interviews

A collection of exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with people who managed to overcome their social anxiety. We explore advice on dealing with bullies, traveling, dating, business relationships, goal-setting and more.

  • Harrison (UK) — Ditched his toxic friends, dealt with bullies  and learned to expand his comfort zone.
  • Mario (Bolivia) — Used criticism as motivation to improve and become super-confident.
  • Tin (Austria) — A shy guy who moved to a new country and had to build his social circle from scratch.
  • Stefan (UAE) — Decided to quit alcohol for a year so he can improve his social skills without help.
  • Thiago (Brazil) — Naturally social and extroverted guy who shares how he can always be social and confident.

30+ pages of interview notes

With almost five hours of video interviews, it’s easy to get lose sight of the most important lessons and practical advice.

To make things easier, I’ve highlighted the most important information from each interview, including a short summary, important lessons and advice you can directly apply to your life.

  • 5 PDF Files: You will get one PDF file per interview.
  • Over 30 pages of content in total

60-minute audio commentary

An exclusive podcast episode that has never been published anywhere else on the web. I go into more details about my own struggle with social anxiety and how I managed to overcome it. It also explores why and how I made the book, as well as how to best use it.

  • MP3 File: 60-minute audio file with the entire commentary.

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  • Workbook PDF (39 pages)
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  • Interview Notes (30+ pages)
  • Audio Commentary (1 hour)
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