The Ultimate Checklist For A Strong Mindset

You know how it feels to be weak. You can’t control your thoughts, actions, or emotions. You’re a slave to them. There’s no self-discipline or control.

Why? Because you’re breaking the rules of mental strength.

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What is this book about?

The Mind of Steel Handbook is a rulebook for building and maintaining mental strength. It teaches you what you must do (or avoid doing) in order to be mentally strong.

The way it does this is by outlining 12 rules that determine whether your mindset is weak or strong. These rules are universal and can be applied to any situation in life.

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Okay... but Why should I care?

This book gives you clear guidelines for how to build your mental strength and make sure it never goes away.

Have you ever struggled with anxiety or insecurity? Ever felt mentally weak or stressed by the problems you face?

You’re not alone. Everybody wants to have a strong mindset and be ready for anything life throws at you. But what does that actually mean? How can you track whether your mindset is weak or strong?

Mental strength is like physical strength. Anybody can build it, but you need to put in the work and focus on the right exercises.

Did you just make up these "rules"?

The short answer is — yes, but with a catch.

I didn’t just sit down one day and “make up” what a strong mindset looks like. I determined these rules based on a lot of research and experience.

These rules were created by combining ideas from:

  • Various philosophies (e.g. stoicism and rationalism)
  • Scientific research (behavioral sciences like psychology)
  • Real-world examples and situations

12 Steps to mental strength

Find out how to control every aspect of your life.

Stop guessing and start learning.

The level of your mental strength is determined by these 12 universal rules. This book teaches you how to use them to your advantage.

Each chapter explains one rule in detail:

  • What the rule means and why it’s important.
  • Negative consequences if you break the rule.
  • Specific methods to implement this rule in your life.
  • Real-life examples of good/bad uses of this rule.
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Phil Janecic, founder of the Mind of Steel

Wait, who are you again?

Hi. I’m Phil Janecic, the guy behind Mind of Steel. 

In 2014, I started sharing ideas about building mental strength, becoming disciplined and improving your social skills.

My writing was harsh and honest because I thought nobody would actually read it. It turned out that my brutally honest way of approaching important subjects was something a lot of people needed to hear.

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