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Achieve your results faster. No bullshit, only proven methods that work.

So, you want to change yourself, huh?

I know that feeling. Something finally boils over in you and you think to yourself: “I hate being like this. I want to become better — stronger, disciplined, more social.”

You’re hyped up and motivated and ready to do anything to improve yourself. LET’S GOOOOO!

But then you get stuck. How do you “become better”? What do you do first? What second? What twenty-second?

Okay, easy enough. You search the Internet for solutions and quickly get disappointed. You find a thousand solutions that contradict each other. There’s all these self-help books, online “gurus” and life coaches. You get overwhelmed and… never make any meaningful progress.

It sucks, I know. I’ve been there myself.

It’s a confusing period. You have such a burning passion to improve as fast as possible but you don’t know how to do it. But if you let me, I’d like to help you out.

Cut the bullshit and get to work

Here’s what I did: Took my 9+ years of experience in self-improvement and boiled it down to the best and most efficient methods.

These books and resources tackle each issue in a no-nonsense fashion and teach you how to deal with actual problems in your life.

What makes them different:

  • You will learn real, actionable things you can implement in your life.
  • Methods inside are based on extensive scientific research. There’s no pseudoscience, voodoo or Internet theories.
  • Most importantly, my goal is not to just say “do this” and then you follow me. I want to teach you how to think better so you can deal with anything life throws at you.

Mind of Steel Handbook: The essential rules of mental strength

This is the most important thing I have written so far.

Everybody wants to have a strong mindset and be ready for anything life throws at you. But what does that actually mean? How can you track whether your mindset is weak or strong?

This book outlines 12 rules that define a strong mindset and teaches you how to implement them into your life with specific exercises and examples.

The Social Gladiator: Break Your Insecurities to Thrive in Social Situations

When I was 18, my biggest challenge was improving my social skills.

It’s not like there aren’t many books out there that teach you all kinds of tricks and hacks to be more social. (I would know, I’ve tried them.) But I haven’t seen any other book help you fix the core of your issues.

This is the book I needed when I was struggling with the same issues. It teaches you how to understand your social anxiety and overcome it once and for all.

Destroy the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone book by Phil Janecic of Mind of Steel

Destroy the boundaries of your comfort zone

If you’re just starting out, this is the book for you.

It’s a very short, 25-page PDF that teaches you the fundamentals of making real, lasting changes to your life. The process has only two steps and it’s so simple that you have no real reason to avoid doing it.

Oh, and it’s also absolutely free. You have the option to donate a few bucks (to support my work and this site), but you don’t have to.

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