So, your life stopped. Now what?


Do you know what my plans for 2020 were?

  1. Expand my social circles and meet new people.
  2. Find a “regular” job so I can work in a bigger team again.
  3. Go to the gym more and start new hobbies.

And guess what?

Coronavirus came a took a big dump on my hopes and dreams. I mean, even when I did get a job — like, I passed all interviews and assignments — they told me they put a hiring freeze because of corona. So until it passes, the company can’t hire me.

That sucks. And I know that you are going through the same thing.

The question on our minds is: “When will this be over?”

The honest answer is… I don’t know. Nobody knows. We can speculate and assume, but anybody who tells you they know for sure is lying to you. Either that or they’re beliving their own bullshit.

With this in mind, the real question becomes: “How do I deal with uncertainty?”

This is a better question because you can actually do something about it. I don’t know if you noticed this, but ALL of life — seriously, every single second of it — is not knowing what is going to happen.

Once again, we can predict what will happen, sometimes accurately but, in the end we can’t know for sure until it happens. And the best part: we are totally okay with this. You and I go through life, making decisions left and right, never worrying about knowing the specific outcome of our lives.

So how do we know which decisions are good or bad?

We do things that push us in the direction we want to go. This is why you study in school, or work for a promotion, or make new friends, or go to the gym. Every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become.

  • Exercise = I want to be a healthy and strong person.
  • Meet people = I want to be a social person.
  • Work hard = I want to be a successful person.

Even though you don’t think about this consciously, you know this. All of your life, you are doing things that push you to the ideal you strive for.

And this is exactly what you should be doing now.

You may be stuck in self-isolation, not knowing what will happen. This is nothing new. You are at the same position as you are all of your life. It’s up to you how to use that time.

Work on your mental health. Read. Exercise. Meditate. Reach out to people. Go for a walk (away from others). Just because your environment changed, doesn’t mean that you have to.

You are still the same person. Act like it. And if you’re not who you want to be, now is the perfect time to work on becoming that person.

Until next week,

Phil Janecic

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