Focus on things that actually matter


In the past month, I deleted over 30 articles from my website.

Poof. Gone. Just like that.

Some of them were very popular. One of them was the most visited article on my site for almost two years. One of them had over 30,000 words. I didn’t care. I deleted them all and didn’t look back.

Why did I do this?

The answer is that I took a deep, hard look at myself and my values. I realized that I want those values to be reflected on the Mind of Steel.

The articles I deleted did not reflect those values. They dealt with unimportant topics. They were written poorly. They were empty pieces of motivational content with no real substance. And I do not want those things to represent Mind of Steel.

In the book Essentialism, the author Greg McKeown talks about the phrase: “Less, but better”. It means that instead of making small progress in a thousand directions, you should focus on making big progress in a smaller number of important things.

Less, but better.

This is the difference between having fifty “friends” you barely know and 2-3 who you are truly close with. It means developing a small number of habits that exponentially increase the quality of your life (e.g. reading, sleeping well, regular exercise) instead of focusing on 20 new habits that are “cool” but don’t really move you in the right direction.

This is why I decided to unapologetically delete over 1/3 of my published articles. I’d rather have less, but better. That, and I plan on posting more high-quality content every week and don’t want it to get mixed up with low-quality content.

This decision is part of a Mind of Steel redesign I’ve been working on that will be available by the end of this week. Everything on my site, content, social media will reflect the values of Mind of Steel: strength, discipline and perseverance.

You should do the same: conduct an audit of your life and see how much of the bullshit you can cut out. Useless apps on your phone, toxic people, activities you don’t care about.

Take back the control of your life and focus only on things that really matter.

Stay strong,


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