Yesterday I was helping out my mom with some errands, as she wasn’t feeling well. As luck would have it, we ended up waiting at the doctor’s office for over an hour. So we talked.

I’m soon departing for a 4-month trip, and she wanted to know about my arrangements and what I plan on doing upon my return. I’ve always had unorthodox ideas and unusual life plans, but by now, she’s kind of used to it.

Still, it was no surprise that, despite her amazing support, she was worried about me; after all, I don’t plan on getting a regular job, living within driving distance, and starting a family in my 20s.

She couldn’t and can’t comprehend my outlook on the world, as it dramatically differs from the perception she is used to. It’s not her fault though; if you’ve only been acquainted with a certain point of view your entire life, it can’t be changed overnight.

Luckily, I managed to get rid of my mental chains at a relatively early age. Everywhere I look, I see possibilities; I’m able to envision the way I want my life to look like, and then find a way to make it true. My problem isn’t thinking to narrowly; it’s having so many ideas and options that I don’t know which one I should choose. So I decided to choose them all. 


In lot of different areas, I am more educated, skilled, and experienced that my family, simply because I took it upon myself to learn and practice certain skills. During our talk, my mom asked me: 

How did you manage to turn out so smart?

I replied – “The Internet”.

We both laughed, but in reality, it’s the truth; I have an amazing tool my parents didn’t. Since the rise of the Internet, there’s virtually no excuse for you not to improve yourself.

Whatever you desire you can find, learn, and practice it with a few clicks. In the past, you needed to put in a lot of money, effort, and time to expand your point of view; today, it’s easy as pie. Yet people still complain and complain, but never take action, even though they have one of the most powerful tools ever created right in their hands. There is nothing stopping you from going online and learning, improving, or finding anything you want.

So shut the fuck up.

You have a choice, and if you’re not happy with how things are turning out, but are doing nothing to change it – shut the fuck up.

If you don’t like your job, but don’t want to learn new things, put in extra effort, and take a risk for a better life – why are you complaining? You’re the one who’s not doing anything about it. You’re either too lazy, unmotivated, or think you’re going to achieve success overnight.

Tony Gaskin said that if “you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs”.

Many think this refers exclusively to entrepreneurship and owning a business; by that logic, if everybody were to “build their dream”, who the hell would a company employ?

This quote is beautiful because it’s open-ended; what is your definition of a dream?

Sure, for some it is starting and owning a company, but most people are not competent enough to pull of that kind of a venture, which is why 90% of small businesses fail.

The big question is – what kind of a lifestyle do you want?


I can depend on the government, companies, and other institutions to secure my future. I can look to them to supply me with a job, control my promotion, and allot free time.

It’s how most of this world works – and that is not bad; without a certain structure in place, things would soon turn to shit.

Do people like working under this system? Most of them don’t. But they still take it in, day after day, because they don’t know of any other option. More correctly, they don’t know of any other option which doesn’t involve a big risk.

People hate risks, but you shouldn’t. This world is mostly not filled with risk-takers, and that’s fine.

This website is not for anyone; it’s for people who want to achieve great things. I have no interest in forcing someone to want to dream big. If you’re satisfied with where you are in life, great. If you’re unhappy and ready to work hard to change it, let’s get cracking. However, if you’re dissatisfied, but you’re not willing to put in any effort in order to change it – why should I waste my time with you?

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
– Walt Disney

Those who make others envy have desirable lifestyles; movie stars, musicians, pro athletes, travel bloggers, business people…the list goes on and on.

People who live a lifestyle that most “regular” people desire don’t think the same way as the rest of the world does. Those who accomplish extraordinary things, do so because they don’t think ordinarily.

Those who go against the norm and achieve a desired lifestyle do so because they believe it’s possible – if you don’t even believe it can accomplished, then how the hell could you accomplish it?

I can’t speak for you, but I do dream big, and there is no way in hell of me not reaching success. And that’s what I told my mom during our conversation. She asked me: “What if you fail?”

I told her that of course, there is an option that my plans don’t come true. There is a chance that my ventures go down in flames. There is a probability that I’ll make mistakes and screw up things along the way.

However, there is no way that I will fail, because I will reach success or die trying. I would rather spend my entire lifetime chasing the life I desire, than settle for less and be unhappy with the way I live.

But hey, that’s just me. What about you?

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