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I’m founder of Mind of Steel and the man behind this site. If you want to contact me for any reason, use the form below.

IMPORTANT: See if your request falls under the FAQ below. Doing this will save both of us time 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

“You helped me with a problem and I just want to say thank!”

That’s awesome! Reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter or Quora.

“I want to ask you something or share my story”

You can email me using the form below, but please keep your emails relevant and as short as possible.

“Can I write for the site or publish guest posts?”

No. Don’t bother pitching me your ideas.

“Can you link to my article / report / infographic / whatever?”

No. Your email will be marked as spam and ignored.

“I want us to collaborate.”

Use the contact form below, but make sure that the pitch makes sense for both of us. Emphasis on “what’s in it for me”. Generic, irrelevant and one-sided emails will be ignored.

“I found an error on the site, how can I report it?”

Use the contact form below. Please include as much details as you can (operating system, browser, device, etc.) Thanks for taking the time to do this!

“My question isn’t on this list.”

Are you sure? 100% sure? You definitely read through and not just skipped the items? Really?

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