The Cold Shower Approach to Developing Mental Toughness

What if I told you that  a certain sex pose can give you the best orgasm of your life?

The only trick is that you firstly need to feel uncomfortable for a few minutes. It’s not going to be painful, just uncomfortable; you feel like you want to give up, but if you manage to stick through for just a few minutes, you will be rewarded with the most amazing feeling ever. Every. Single. Time.

Presented with an option like this, most people wouldn’t even give it a moment’s thought. I mean, few weird minutes followed by the best orgasm ever?  Sign me up!

Well, sorry to burst you bubble friend, but there is no such pose I’m aware of. However, it’s irrelevant; what matters is your initial response. I can only assume it was a shrieking delight followed by high-fiving yourself and doing a happy dance in your underwear or, at the very least, a sound “Hell yeah!” upon reading ‘best orgasm ever’.

Think about that for a moment. You admitted that you would gladly go through a few minutes of something uncomfortable to experience something amazing. If you would have done it for sex, why not for other things?

Cold showers have a a long history of all kinds of health and psychological benefits, including improving circulation, easing down depression, allowing for better sleep, and developing stronger emotional resilience. They are also notorious for being fucking horrifying to even think about. Purposely throwing ice-cold water on yourself? Is this suppose to be some self-applied version of hazing for lonely people?

Most people would never even consider doing something like this. Then again, most people never achieve great things.

Remember, it may be terrible to think about, uncomfortable to go through, but after looking at all these benefits, on top of feeling like a total badass, are you really ready to miss simply because it won’t feel good at first? Change for the better rarely feels  good, because if it did, everybody would do it. But changing from a delicate flower to a success-hungry badass requires going into the unknown, facing your fears in the dark, and yes, taking cold showers.

Although a physical task, they help you develop mental toughness. Adding a simple habit of taking cold showers, lasting only a few minutes, into your everyday routine can dramatically strengthen your overall mindset and make it easier for you to obtain the change you desire.


Decision is often the hardest part of any change, because you have to consciously state: “I am going to do something which is currently extremely uncomfortable, because I know that it will help me become the person I want to be”.

Reason why most people are flabbergasted when they hear about some habits I’ve developed is because they only concentrate on the first part of that statement. They dismiss anything if it sounds too hard for them and later wonder why they haven’t achieved what they wanted.

Others hear you out, but still disregard implementing a certain habit, even though they know it will improve their life, simply because they’re stuck in a rut and afraid of change.

But remember – you are different.

You dare to do what others don’t. You not only want to change, but are actively working on improving yourself. When you make the decision to take a cold shower, you know what you’re in for.

You know it’s going to suck at first. You know that at the moment ice water hits your body, you won’t care about any of the health benefits you read about. You know it’s going to be uncomfortable.

But you still decide to do it.

And with that decision, you are building a habit of making tough choices. You do what others are scared of and in return, your life improves. Cold showers are a start, but the more you do it, that way of thinking will follow you everywhere – your job, your relationships, your activities.

Just commit to a few minutes of discomfort and get rewarded for the rest of the day.


You’ve made the decision. You stripped your clothes off, jumped in the shower and you’re beating your chest like King Kong. It’s on. There’s no going back.

If you’re not used to extreme cold, start at lukewarm temperature and then move your way down the scale. The point is to constantly lower the temperature, little by little. It will allow enough time to process change and build endurance.

I should note that when the water gets cold, you will start hyperventilating. However, that’s completely normal and panic will only make things worse. In the long term, cold showers actually improve your respiratory system.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can turn to cold immediately, but it will most probably result in a lot of screaming, swearing and angry comments below this article.

Still, you need to push the limits. If you get comfortable at any point, that’s great! It means you can go colder.

Keep in mind that the shower only last up to 5 minutes, so after 10-20 seconds it’s time to ante up. Go colder. Now do it again. And again. And again.

This is where we get to the real challenge.

At some point, you will certainly start contemplating quitting. You can build yourself up beforehand, but once you’re shivering and gritting your teeth, you’ll undoubtedly want to get out.

You’ll start thinking about how this isn’t really necessary, how you’ve managed to stay healthy despite taking cold showers, how you’re an idiot for doing something just because you read it on some guy’s website.

This is the most crucial point in this whole experience which sets you up for the rest of your activities.

If you quit halfway, you’ll slowly build a pattern in your mindset – I’m dedicated to something, but if things get too hard or uncomfortable, I’ll just quit.

On the other hand, if you manage to stay focused and say: “Yes, this sucks, but I knew that already. There’s no going back. I started this and I’m going to go through with it all the way. I’m not a quitter.”

When you reach the end of the shower, you will feel invigorating. Not only will you feel refreshed and like you can do anything, you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment for completing the task.

You stepped in as a lamb, but came out as a lion.

I remembered how I used to shiver wanting to get out, and realized that, even though this level was very uncomfortable, you couldn’t tell it by looking at me. I didn’t shiver. I didn’t hop around and yell. Moments before, I was. But in an instant, I acted like I was taking a regular warm shower.

What happened?

I decided to stop it. I reminded myself of why I was taking a cold shower. I reminded myself of my dedication before turning on the water. I focused on the person I want to be, and that person doesn’t quit when the going gets tough. That person has the same approach as Batman:

(Commisinoer Gordon): “Batman, are you in pain?
(Batman): “I work through pain!”

I can’t help it if my body decides to feel uncomfortable. I can only influence how I react. The only thing needed for me to switch from shivering to standing proud was a change in my mind.

That is why I wrote this article because that moment was the perfect example of how powerful thoughts can be. I changed the entire way my body was reacting just by thinking differently.

I realized I can jump around and yell like a little bitch, or I can develop mental toughness and bathe in ice cold water like a boss.

This principle is the same outlook you should have on any tough situation in life and it applies to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, adult, man or woman. It’s about whether you are willing to be mentally strong.

You can be. But…will you?

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