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Being Social Doesn't Have to Be Scary and Intimidating

Learn to actually overcome your issues and have fun meeting new people

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

There’s nothing you want more than to meet new people, have better friends, and date more. But when you try to go out and socialize, you feel so anxious you’d rather just crawl back in your bed and hide from the world.

The Social Gladiator teaches you how to actually enjoy being social. Instead of masking your fears, you will learn how to face them and overcome them once and for all.

Being social is easy... but not for everyone

You look around you and see your friends and peers talking, mingling, dating without a problem. You think to yourself: “They make it seem so easy? Why can’t I be the same?” Instead, being social is hell for you.

  • Talking to people seems scary
  • You worry what people think of you
  • Your friends don't support your dreams
  • People make fun of you
  • You often feel used by others
  • People don't respect you enough
  • You feel insecure in yourself
  • You have little to no confidence

How to Become a Social Gladiator

Most socializing tactics focus on simply hyping yourself up, forcing yourself to be confident (as if that makes sense), or even worse, using pickup lines or straight up lying to people. What all of this does is simply put more pressure on you and makes talking to people even harder.

This book does things differently. Instead of saying “do this”, it helps you get to the bottom of your issues. Why are you anxious in the first place? How can you overcome that anxiety? Once you do that, you don’t need lines or tactics. You can relax and simply be yourself.

Here are the topics covered

  • Understand how people think
  • Identify toxic relationships
  • Overcome social anxiety and insecurity
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Develop better social skills
  • Build healthy relationships
  • Meet new people easily
  • Much, much more...

Free lessons include

  • Knowing who to trust
  • Recognizing toxic relationships
  • Being social for introverts
  • Body language tips

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About the Author

Hey, there. My name is Phil Janecic.

I am a writer, blogger, and author. But to tell you the truth, I hate calling myself these things. They make me sound more important and influential than I actually am.

Basically, I am you. Well, I was you, for a long time.

I’m someone who’s been in your shoes. All of the issues the book talks about, I’ve been through them personally. Fear of parties. Social anxiety. Being weird and embarassing yourself.

For a while, I would go to a nightclub alone, every single weekend, and be there for 5-6 hours trying to talk to someone. Then go home dejected because I failed every single time.

Nowadays, being social is fun for me. I love meeting new people. I have no problem dealing with rejection or embarassment. A lot of that is attributed to my self-growth and increased self-esteem. That’s exactly what I want to teach you with this book.

It’s nice to have someone that actually understands where I’m coming from. This was truly badass advice.

🇬🇧 Harrison Jones, University student

Phil is all about the “let’s get real” approach. His methods force you to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own life.

 🇸🇮 Adrijana Dimec, Mom and Blogger

Your writing is fantastic! I love your way of getting your points across in such a readable, natural and often humorous way.

🇺🇸 Fred Brown,  Ignite MindShift founder

Your writing always helps me when I feel like a failure, demotivated, or left out. When no one was with me, you were there.

🇮🇳 Akshay K., Student

I love your work and always take time to put on some jazz, get a cup of tea, and read your articles. Your response made my day!

🇬🇧 Chris Varga, Musician

Adopting a strong mindset has helped me thrive as an athlete (gold medals in national and international tournaments).

🇭🇷 Marko Vracan, Athlete

Social Gladiator = No Bullsh*t

This probably isn’t the first book on social skills or meeting people you’ve come across. You worry it’s going to give you the same old tactics and empty solutions. You couldn’t be more wrong.

The Social Gladiator Policy: NO BULLSHIT

This means no empty motivation (“just go out and do it”), no fake science (“if you’re not alpha, you’re beta”) and no ridiculous methods (“dress like a clown so you have something to talk about”). Instead, the book focuses on understanding what drives people and using that knowledge to overcome your issues and open yourself up. At the same time, it’s simple to follow and implement.

Get this book if

  • Being social is hard for you
  • You lack good social skills
  • Meeting new people seems difficult
  • You are ready to make real changes

DON'T get this book if

  • Being social is easy for you
  • You want pickup lines or quick tips
  • You are looking for an easy fix
  • You are not willing to put in the work

You might want to know...

What makes this book different?

Unlike other books that focus on superficial tactics (say this, do this, go there), The Social Gladiator focuses on understanding why socializing is hard for you in the first place. Then teaching you how to overcome this fear.

Is this a physical book?

No, this book is digital only. It will be available in PDF, EPUB (e-readers), MOBI (Kindle) and audiobook formats.

Will you provide any additional content?

Yes, there will be a premium package that will include the book + additional content (workbook, social challenges, tracking progress, user-submitted questions, and more).

What if it turns out I don't like the book?

No problem! I'm sure you will find it extremely useful. But if you don't feel it helps you, email me within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you a 100% refund.

Do you really know what I'm going through?

In my teens and early 20s, I was extremely shy and awkward around people. I'd go out every week with the sole intention of talking to one new person — then fail every single time. This book is all of the advice I needed at the time, but couldn't get.

Is this just describing your personal experience?

No, the book puts a high emphasis on research and understanding the psychology of every issue covered.

What makes you qualified to write about this topic?

I have personally dealt with all of the issues the book covers. I have also spent years researching psychology and understanding this topic, as well as coaching other people in becoming social.

Stop Stressing Every Time You Go out​

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