strong mindset 101

the ultimate checklist for a strong mindset

Like everything else, a strong mindset has rules you need to follow. Follow them and thrive; ignore them at your own risk.

What is it about?

The essential rules of mental strength.

This book explains the 12 universal rules of mental strength that apply to almost every situation in life.

  • Why is each rule is important
  • Dangers of breaking these rules
  • Specific methods to implement each rule
  • Examples in real-life scenarios

Rule #2: Know Who You Want To Be

Rule #7: Make Hard Choices

Rule #8: Maintain Self-Control

Rule #11: Organize Your Life

Simple and clear

specific methods

case studies

is THIS BOOK for me?

Technically, this book is for everyone. The lessons in it are universal and apply to most life situations.


  • You are easily offended.
  • You are not open to new ideas.
  • You are not willing to accept your mistakes.
  • You don’t want to work on improving yourself.

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