be strong.
never give up.
make hard choices.

Mind of Steel is a place to learn how to build yourself into a strong and powerful individual.

Hey there, I’m Phil Janecic.

I’m the guy behind Mind of Steel. In 2014, I started sharing ideas about building mental strength, becoming disciplined and improving your social skills.

My writing was harsh and honest because I thought nobody would actually read it. It turned out that my brutally honest way of approaching important subjects was something a lot of people needed to hear.

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Complete blueprints for improving different aspects of your life.

Mind of Steel Handbook

The Essential Rules of Mental Strength

This books deconstructs 12 rules that make up a strong mindset. It teach you how to apply them and the dangers of ignoring them.

The Social Gladiator

Break Your Insecurities to Thrive in Social Situations

Learn how to overcome social anxiety and build genuine confidence in social situation. Instead of generic “party tricks”, get a proven step-by-step framework.

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