Hey, I’m Phil Janecic 👋 

I want to help you understand your issues, build confidence and become stronger.

  • Psychology and research
  • 8+ years of experience
  • Best methods and tactics

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Who is behind this?

My name is Phil Janecic.

I have been researching how to to develop and maintain a strong mindset for over 8 years. 

I combine psychology, case studies, and personal experience to help people like you become stronger and deal with their issues.

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“It’s nice to have someone that actually understands where I’m coming from. This was truly badass advice.”

🇬🇧 Harrison Jones, University student

“Phil is all about the ‘let’s get real’ approach.His methods force you to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your own life — no matter how painful or embarrassing that may be.”

 🇸🇮 Adrijana Dimec, Mom and Blogger

“Your writing is fantastic! I love your way of getting your points across in such a readable, natural and often humorous way.”

🇺🇸 Fred Brown, Founder of Ignite MindShift

“Your writing always helps me when I feel like a failure, demotivated, or left out. When no one was with me, you were there.”

🇮🇳 Akshay K., Student

“Adopting a strong mindset has helped me thrive as an athlete (gold medals in national and international tournaments).”

🇭🇷 Marko Vracan, Athlete

“I love your work and always take time to put on some jazz, get a cup of tea, and read your articles. Your response made my day!”

🇬🇧 Chris Varga, musician