Hi, my name is Filip Janecic, but please, call me Phil. I’m the founder of Mind of Steel, a place that helps you change your mindset, face your fears, and become a badass with psychology and relatable experience.

I’m known as a social, confident, and a very ambitious individual. Up until I turned 18, I was shy, overly introverted, anxious, and had a very weak mindset. My confidence was almost non-existent. I was living in a mundane circle of life, profoundly hating the person I was.

So I decided change. Just like that.

That was a long time ago. Since then, I have been purposely putting myself in uncomfortable situations, facing my fears, coming to peace with my demons, and using science as a backbone to forcefully change myself into a person who’s far superior to the weakling I once was.

This website is dedicated to helping you achieve the same result. This isn’t a “make yourself feel good” site. Most of my advice goes directly against the mainstream “self-help” nonsense which aims to tell you only what you want hear. Instead, I make you take a hard look at yourself and tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Everything here is backed up by research (mostly in the fields of psychology and sociology), as well as examined through personal and real-life examples, along with the use of common sense in everything I write about.

So take a look around. Read about things that trouble you and find a solution. Leave a comment and share your story or contact me directly via email. I reply to everyone.


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