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Successful Mindset Depends on Your Age (But Not in a Way You Think)


Do all of us have the ability to change?

We are all born in different places, into different positions in life and differ in many aspects. Most of it doesn’t really affect our ability to change, but what about age? Let’s dive in and see how exactly can a certain age improve or decrease the ability to change yourself for the better..


Tame Your Inner Beast and Become a Complete Badass

13 - inner beast

How to gather control of your inner self?

Last time we focused on theory and the psychological background of anger and excessive emotional states, so I thought it was best to expand on the subject with a real-life example and see how one of my closest friends used advice I gave him to change his personality for the better.


Learn to Control Your Anger: Turn Destruction Into Power


How do you deal with constant anger?

Like any emotion, anger is something all of us experience from time to time. Some of us rarely get angry while others may find themselves in constantly unpleasant and aggressive state of mind. That’s why it’s important to swing the odds back in your favor.