Dealing With Freeloaders in Your Social Circle


Some people are constantly leeching off of other people. Just like the parasite, they benefit at the expense of someone else. I’m not talking about bumming a smoke at times or asking for change if you’re in need. “Borrowing” becomes leeching when it occurs regularly and when they don’t see anything wrong with...


Easily Improve Your Mental Health and Increase Brain Power


For changing your way of thinking, constant self-reflection is crucial. There are things in your life that are important, you know they are important, but you still don’t care much for them. People smoke despite knowing the risks, they eat greased fast-food even though it’s hazardous, they don’t acknowledge the...


Open Up Your Brain and Learn More


Do you spend enough time alone?
Just like being around people is good for you, spending more time alone is also very beneficial, but that time needs to be spent wisely in order to be effective. Absorbing more knowledge is not only good for you, but necessary.